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WooHoo! (woo-hoo')
 - noun
A brand name of a delicious balance of roasted nuts, sesame sticks, pretzels and other yummy crunches; slightly sweet and slightly spicy; the perfect combination; typically found in specialty stores that appreciate their clientele's demanding tastes for quality, consistency and deliciousness.  A term frequently used impulsively upon emotional excitement, unexpected pleasure or other times resulting in life's finest moments.  An expression that is commonly used by Homer Simpson, ever since he first tasted this incredible combination of flavors.

The word is getting out, and stores are being added every day as this wonderful snack mix is gaining attention of food lovers everywhere.  Tired of blah tasting snacks that contain unhealthy ingredients in a useless effort to overcome their tastelessness? 

WooHoo! is made from the best quality ingredients, just like your mother always used.  That's because this salivating recipe began with an old family recipe.  Not to be ordinary, incredible ingredients were added in order to assure WooHoo! is worthy of its name.

WooHoo! is perfect as an afternoon pick-me-up, an accompaniment with your favorite adult beverages, or just a near-sinful pleasure just about any time. 

Celebrating a wedding, a promotion or a college degree?  WooHoo!
Feeling relieved that you met that deadline at work?  WooHoo!
Totally pumped that you just landed that new client?  WooHoo!
Excited that your mother-in-law is moving out?  WooHoo!

Whatever the occasion, you'll find yourself smiling ear to ear and reaching for another bite.  Each bite is crunchy, starting with a slightly saltiness and sweetness, then flavorful cashews, pecans, almonds and other crispiness. 

Just wait... give it a second... here it comes... just the right amount of spicy heat at the back of your throat.  WooHoo!

Coming Soon!
Chocolaty WooHoo! will certainly take it up a notch.  Drizzled with the perfect amount of both white and milk chocolate, Chocolaty WooHoo! will score in a whole new way.  Who would have thought that such a combination could be your new best friend? 

We want to hear from you!
Click on our "Contact Us" page and send us your thoughts.  We love to hear suggestions, answer questions, and especially hear from our WooHoo! addicts!  If you can't find WooHoo! near you, share your favorite store's name with us.  We'll see what we can do.  Or better yet, share the last bite of your WooHoo! with your favorite store. 

s there a store near you?
Click on our "Find Us" page to see the list of stores that are leading the wave of the WooHoo! tsunami.  Again, if your favorite neighborhood store isn't there, together we can fix that problem.  We've just gotten started, but yes, we're certainly going nationwide... and beyond.  We're just looking for those stores that put their customers first.

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